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Side effects

People considering receiving allergy vaccines often hesitate, as they are concerned about potential side effects from these vaccines.


A side effect or adverse event is a problem that arises when taking a medication. It is an unintended effect of the medication. In general, the side effect is related to the fact that most medications are drugs manufactured by man, that do not exist freely in nature.


The body is continuously eliminating toxins that are present in the surrounding environment and that enter into our bodies through the air, food or things we touch. To eliminate these toxins the body needs to combine the toxin with molecules that render the toxin harmless and then, after inactivation, toxins are eliminated (for example through the urine or feces). This process of inactivation occurs in several organs, for example the liver. For some people it is difficult to eliminate the toxins (either because they have too many toxins, or because their liver function is not in optimal level, etc.). When these people take a drug (“unnatural substance”), a reaction can follow.


This situation is completely different from what happens with the allergy vaccines (note: this refers to allergy vaccines only, and not to other vaccines given for prevention of certain conditions).


The ingredients used in allergy vaccines are all natural. They only contain the same particles that the affected person breathes in day in and day out. No strong chemicals are added in order to increase their shelf life. Allergy vaccines do not contain “steroids”. It is essentially impossible to develop a side effect from natural substances like allergy vaccines.


This does not mean allergy vaccines cannot produce problems: Allergy vaccines stimulate the immunological system, and if the stimulation is too strong an allergic reaction can be triggered. In this case, the patient can develop symptoms of the same nature of his/her complaints (but perhaps of increased severity). This is a rare occurrence but potentially severe. To increase safety during treatment, certain precautions need to be taken


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