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Hormones: The key to health

Hormones are defined as “regulatory substances produced in the body that control and regulate the activity of certain cells or organs”.  Hormones are natural molecules that act like messengers promoting or facilitating proper body function. Hormones are essential for proper function and good health.


As expected, when we age, hormonal levels decrease and in general our functionality decreases. Sometimes hormonal levels decrease more than expected for age. In these cases, patient often develops nasal allergies, feels tired, with low energy, often there is a weight gain and overall health diminishes.


Our patients are managed with an integrative approach which enable us to realize that many allergy patients have a suboptimal level of thyroid hormones or other hormones. Supplementing with completely natural hormones leads into an improvement of overall health and better results when managing the patient.


A simple blood test enables, in the majority of the cases, to confirm that hormonal levels are suboptimal. Hormones that are commonly replaced to attain health and resolution of many chronic symptoms are Thyroid hormones, Adrenal hormones and Gonadal hormones.


When using hormones for replacement therapy it is important that they have an identical structure to the molecule produced in nature. These are known as bio-identical hormones, meaning the molecule used for hormonal replacement exactly matches the natural molecule in structure and composition.


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