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Autoinjector of Adrenaline

This is a device that can inject Adrenaline into a patient. It does not require major training and it does not require loading the medication into a syringe, as the device is pre-loaded. There are a few similar devices, of which the EpiPenĀ® is the best known.


Adrenaline (or Epinephrine) is a potent medication that has the capability of reverting a severe allergic reaction. It is the medication that is used by patients with severe reactions to bee-stings or severe reactions to foods (common examples: peanut or shrimp allergies).


Soon after the administration of the drug, the symptoms related to the allergic reaction abate.


In the rare event of developing a severe reaction to a skin test or to an allergy shot, the patient should self-administer the Adrenaline to counteract such reaction. Examples are severe difficulty breathing or coughing that does not respond to inhalers. If a patient has used an Autoinjector of adrenaline he/she should immediately go to the nearest Emergency Room for 24-hours observation.

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