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Allergy vaccines

Allergy vaccines refers to the treatment by which the patient is slowly and progressively desensitized against the allergens that trigger symptom upon exposure.  Allergy vaccines have absolutely no relationship to the vaccines used for the prevention of the flu and other diseases. No risks related to development of autism or other problems will occur because of the administration of allergy vaccines. When reading in the internet about problems related to vaccines those do not refer to allergy vaccines.


The proper name of this technique is allergy immunotherapy. For many years when referring to immunotherapy one was referring to a patient receiving allergy immunotherapy. At the present time, the word immunotherapy is often referred to the treatment of certain cancers. Speaking of immunotherapy without specifying could be misleading in modern time. In this website when the word immunotherapy is used it refers to the administration of allergy vaccines, either orally or by injection. Injectable allergy vaccines are properly known as Subcutaneous Injection Immunotherapy (SCIT) or simply “allergy shots”. Oral allergy vaccines are properly known as Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT). The term “Sublingual” is used becase the most common route of administration of these oral vaccines is applying the drops under one’s tongue.


Allergy Immunotherapy is a very old treatment. Allergy shots are in use for more than 100 years. The technique used at our office was described in 1935 by Herbert Rinkel MD. It is probably the oldest treatment of modern medicine that is still in use. This attests to its usefulness and efficacy. Injectable treatments are not free of risk and before deciding about this type of treatment patient should have a conversation with treating physician.


Oral vaccines are in use probably for a longer period of time. The first paper published about oral vaccines is from 1900.


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