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Head & Neck Cancer

Though head & neck tumors are rare, they can have a devastating effect on a person’s appearance & how a person speaks, swallows, & breathes. Our goal is to not only eliminate the disease, but also to restore our patient’s appearance, function, & ability to recover emotionally.

Allergy & Asthma

Dr Saporta is an expert in the diagnosis & management of allergies & asthma. He will provide comprehensive care to both children & adults suffering from all forms of allergies & breathing issues.

Welcome to Associates in ENT & Allergy

ENT Specialists in Elizabeth NJ

We specialize in comprehensive ENT & Allergy care. Our goal is of helping our patients to attain optimal health. We have a holistic approach that goes beyond the symptoms or organ-related-problem & focuses on the entire well-being of your health. Associates in ENT & Allergy is staffed by 2 Board Certified Otolaryngologists, Dr. Diego Saporta & Dr. Jonathan Cohen & 2 Nurse practitioners, Ms. Nicole Quinzi & Ms. Jezebel Novo. The remaining of our staff comprises the Audiology team & the Allergy team. Our practice offers a friendly environment where patients feel at ease & their needs are met.

Sleep & Snoring

If snoring is affecting your quality of life, or you have difficulty breathing through your nose, visit us.


We help you find relief so you get back to your life with care for conditions that affect ear, nose and throat

Thyriod & Parathyroid

Thyroid and parathyroid problems are common and often require life-long monitoring.

Head & Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer can be treated successfully if spotted early. Visit us for the most appropriate treatment.

Allergy & Asthma

Many common disorders treated by ear, nose and throat specialists are complications of allergic diseases

Pediatric ENT

Our personal approach to your care ensures that you find the safest, most effective treatment for your particular condition.

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